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Formally known as LIL BUTT, now horse prefix name will be SOUVENIR.

Horse Breeds

Just wanted to let people know that you don't have to bottle feed little babies. If you warm up some of the milk formula that you can get from Rural King, that will work fine. Just put your finger in the foals mouth and when they start sucking,lower your finger/hand into the warm milk. The two foals I trained this way, learned the first time. Soon they are drinking from the bucket( I use ice cream buckets). You usually just have to hold the bucket under their jaw and they will lower their head into the milk. Sometimes they lower it a little too far and blow a few bubbles, but I just adjust for that and they are fine. This way there is little chance of them getting any liquid into their lungs. Also it is much faster. One foal was 12 days old when I trained her..the other was a newborn. Both did fine and you feed them the milk until they are 3 to 4 months old. One weaned himself at 3 months the little girl at 4 months.The first few weeks, you feed them about every hour...I slept on the couch, to be close by...Any questions, just give me a call. I raised the one that was foaled in Feb. in a play pen in the kitchen. The little boy I kept in the kitchen playpen,at night: and outside by his Mom in the daytime. I took him away from his dam the second he was born, as she was almost blind and had always rolled on her foals before killing them. The vet did milk her and fed the baby the first milk. Both have grown up to be beautiful !

Look on RINGSIDE page for updates on the local horse shows. Featured {Lil Butt}"SOUVENIR" Mini horses.Those I am showing and those sold and being shown.

May filly, born May 12, cremello, Blue eyes. Was premature birth. She is fine, linebred to L.K. White Russian. After her clip job.

Various Mini Horses bred here at Carousel Corral have some of these excellent horses in their pedigrees.

Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, Boones Little Buckeroo, Gold Melody Boy, NFC's Fire & Ice, Bond Peppy Power, Dels Apache, Glenns Southern Rogue, Komoko Little Husseler, Hunt House Farms Rogues Charm, Hunt House Farms Dab of Fire, Grosshill EK undisputed Creation, Grosshiill EK Illusions High Society, NFC Egyptian Kings Creation, Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King, Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, Yang Light Vant Huttenest, Reeces Night Hawk, 4G's alfalfa Pleasure , Komokos Little King Supreme,Wonderlands LE Dream Weaver,Little Kings Latigo Echo,& Little Kings Buck Echo. just to name a few.

A New page with photos of reference horses in pedigrees. ANCESTOR PAGE

I wanted to add this little note to my site telling of the dangers of the West Nile Virus shots. If you want more information on what has happened to some horses from across the U.S. that have been given the shots go to LOST FOALS Moving water is not a problem, nor swimming pools, just standing water, untreated. I have found best bet is to let water over flow the tank and then I also dip out larvae with a grain scoop.. .Also I heard that adding garlic a little at the time to your horses grain will help keep mosquitoes and flies from biting. Also if you horse comes down with west nile, try giving them some Noni juice...people use it for inflammation. A horse the size of a Belgian will require around 4 oz. and a miniature horse or regular horse around 2 oz.

You will be surprised how fast it works. TAHITIAN NONI * Juice is a rich source of proxeronine- an alkaloid used by the body to strengthen and revitalize cells. TAHITIAN NONI * I have been using it for 7 years and my horses every now and then, it works faster than an antibiotic.

New link on link page. This guy from Dowagiac, MI. hand crafts beautifu rocking horses. You can ride them. He was at a local show and had some of different colors. Go to my link page to find him at Magic Tree Rocking Horses.

Also there is a site that shows which areas of the U.S. have positive testing for the virus on a map. They do the test on birds, mosquitoes and humans..MAP Also Judy reminded me about using goldfish. I do have them in a large tank, but they don't live long in the smaller rubbermaid tanks. At least they didn't when the tanks were new.. I'll try again next summer.

Be careful when having your farrier work on your mini's hooves. I had my best show filly's stifle put out by my farrier. Why don't they let go, when the little ones are loosing their balance? They just keep ahold of their feet and hang on for dear life. Now I can never show her again.. I have started to do some of my own horses feet after this happened. I am just sick about it. She was an outstanding show filly.

My vet has advised me the best time to wean a foal is when it is 4 months old. I have seen babies weaned earlier and they just don't look as healthy as they should. A good book to read is "Blessed are the Broodmares" I forget who it was by, but it was very informative.I have been told that the book has changed their outlook on weaning , so I no longer will quote what book # 1 has said. It is" Blessed are the Broodmares II " now. Also when writing about a horse it is "conformation," not "confirmation." Unless of course they have gone to Church.

HERE IS SOME NON HORSE INFORMATION. For sore throats, gargle with apple cider vinegar, do it as long as you can stand it. Wipes mine out in a few minutes. To remove warts, put some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and bandaid it to the wart overnight. Do this until it falls off. Haven't had to try this, but heard about it. To get rid of hic-cups. Put a tiny bit of white sugar on your tongue and let it melt. This next hint, I paid a guy in Europe $9.95. for it, but am passing it around for free. If you feel a cold coming on do this. Take some hydrogen peroxide, measure 90 percent of it: to 10 percent fresh squeezed lemon juice. I use the peroxide bottle. Shake gently , take an eye dropper full of the liquid and put it into each ear, I do one ear at a time. Stuff the ear with cotton while lying on your side, then get up and do what you want to do, or lie there for 20 minutes. Then do the other ear the same way. Do this for 3 days . If you catch the cold right away it will stop it by the next morning. I had such a horrid cold that it took me 3 days of this to get it stopped. Next time I felt a cold coming on, I did it right away and next a.m. was fine. Hard to believe, but it works... The idea is that all colds start in our ears,and for some reason this mixture works wonders. One last note if you can't stand underarm deoderant or don't want all the aluminum in your system, use rubbing alcohol on the underarms.(just don't use after shaving).. Tried it and it works great.Janis B. reminded me that Apple Cider Vinegar ( and a little bit of honey) works for heart burn. She used the vinegar and I found a recipe that added the honey. Did you know that chocolate helps prevent heart disease. Kent from Ohio sent me this one: 1/2 Cup hot water, 1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar and 1 Tablespoon pure Honey, mix and drink once a day for about a week, helps rid the body of toxins. My son raises bees for their Honey, I have a link to his site below. The Laughing Salamandar one. Just click on it. Got any ideas that you have tried that work ? Let me know and I'll spread the word here.







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